Cyberpunk 2077 hits 1m daily players

So far this week, Cyberpunk 2077 has had 1 million players in-game each day.

CD Projekt Red revealed the figure on Twitter, thanking new and returning players for spending time playing the game.

The announcement comes after a steady increase in player count for Cyberpunk 2077. Previously, numbers for the game on Steam were on the rise, making it one of Steam’s top single-player games.

Yesterday, the number of concurrent players peaked at 86,000 according to SteamDB, more than double the 37,000 reported last week.

The surge in players has been attributed to the recent Edgerunners update and Netflix anime of the same name, the latter of which is being received well by both critics and fans alike.

Although Cyberpunk 2077 is seeing its highest player counts since launch, CD Projekt Red still has a lot of work to do if it wants match the figures the game saw on release. The number currently being celebrated, 1 million players across all platforms, is the same number that was recorded on Steam alone on release day.

The upcoming expansion Phantom Liberty, which will see Keanu Reeves reprising his role as Johnny Silverhand, will continue V’s story and could tempt more players to return to the game.