Woman gobsmacked as puppy grows into 6st giant he’s only going to get bigger

While you might wish your puppy could stay small forever, they’d likely rather be the biggest dog in the neighbourhood. One woman got more than she bargained for when she welcomed a Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd cross breed into her home, as he just won’t stop growing.

At only 11-months-old, Murphy already weighs around 6st 4lbs and has a lot more growing to do. Owner Jade Stuart, 34, from British Columbia, Canada, brought Murphy home when he was just eight-weeks-old, already weighing about 1st 4lbs.

Showing her pup off on social media, people are shocked at the size of Murphy, as well as his calm nature around her two children, Odin, five and Ellia, four.

Jade explains: “He’s a giant, fluffy, stubborn couch potato for the most part.

“I’ve had a lot of people shocked about his size as well as how chilled out he is.

“He’s so good around the kids too. The three of them will run around the house chasing each other, and the kids will be in complete hysterics. He’s like our third child.

“Sometimes he gets himself into trouble. He’s recently started to destroy his toys and our shoes!

Jade, and her husband Alex, revealed they knew Murphy was going to be a gigantic dog when they first brought him home.

She continued: “Murphy’s Dad is a 150lb Pyrenees and his mum is a 110lb Anatolian Shepherd, so we expect him to be somewhere in the middle.

“He’s still growing and will continue to do so for a while.

“We knew we were getting a giant breed pup when we brought him home at eight-weeks-old and he already weighed 20lbs.2

But Murphy isn’t the only dog who outgrew his expectations as seven-month-old Barli shocked his owner when he topped the scales at 8st 1lb, which is double the average size of a dog his breed and age.

The Bernese mountain dog eats around four cups of food a day, equalling 10lbs of food in 24 hours.

Owner Nicole Coghlan, 27, from Illinois, America, loves to show off her gigantic puppy on social media – though lifting him up to the camera gets harder as each day passes.

Despite not being fully grown, Barli is almost as tall as his owner and chunky in size.

Nicole describes him as: “A social butterfly who loves other dogs, swimming, exploring, and running free when he has the chance.

“He’s also very loyal and loves to cuddle all the time,” she said.